Thursday, 30 June 2011

Billy Joel

The piano man himself, Billy Joel. A man that must be forgiven for some of the worst music ever inflicted on mankind (We Didn't Start The Fire - contender for one of the most dreadful songs ever recorded) for one song: New York State of Mind. Totally one of my favourite songs ever.

Things I did not know until five minutes ago, he used to date Elle MacPherson. He must be really good in bed or something. Come on, what's that about?

Billy is up there with Barry and Neil for me. He is one of the greatest songwriters and although he can't knock them out like he used to, he sure has a back catalogue to be proud of. Just The Way You Are, She's Always A Woman, Piano Man, Scenes From An Italian Restaurant... they just keep coming. He's not aged well, he wrote some terrible songs but I forgive it all for this. Check him out - the man is cool! Maybe Elle was on to something...


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