Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet

It's time for every teenager's favourite tragic story, Romeo and Juliet, or as Baz would have it, Romeo + Juliet. Ampersands are simply not hip.

This is a cool film with the lovers perfectly cast. Leonardo is at the top of his game here and looks so good. Yes, he is very pretty but he has a depth and intelligence to him. Claire Danes is also excellent.

Made back when Baz was good. Well, I say that, he gave us this and Strictly Ballroom and I thought he was fantastic. Little did I know that was it. Then came one of my most hated films ever; Moulin Rouge. I can't even talk about it I loathe it so much. Maybe another time.

Back to Romeo + Juliet which is a good film. It's cleverly done, I love the Rio setting, it's sexy and it has a wonderful supporting cast. Pete Postlethwaite anyone? Paul Rudd? I love Paul Rudd. We may have a post about Paul Rudd soon. It also has the perfect movie soundtrack with Lovefool being my favourite. Whatever happened to The Cardigans? It has one of the few Radiohead songs I like on it too. Although I love the scene where they meet by the fish tank, I could do without Des'ree's warbling but nonetheless it's a winner.

So now I have another film I need to watch again.

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  1. My John Leguizamo crush started with this film. (Yes, you are slowly learning of my very unusual tastes)


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