Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Two posts in one day. I thought I'd spoil you all.

Now then, I am always honest with you and I am not ashamed to admit that I love Titanic. I love it so much that I am listening to the soundtrack as I write this. The soundtrack I bought back in 1997. That I still have on my ipod.

Over the last two evenings, I've been watching Titanic (it's too long for one viewing on a school night) with Teen Boy and I'd forgotten how captivating it it. Yes, it's cheesy, it's got some terrible lines (how many times do they say 'Jack' and 'Rose' to each other? No need to actually answer that) and it's very long. Nonetheless, from the moment it starts I am transfixed. James Cameron is a fantastic director. Terminator 2 is still one of my favourite movies. Nobody does bang for your buck like Cameron. When that boat goes down, you feel like you are drowning with it. Maybe I get too involved.

Specific things I love about this movie:

1. The scale. They built a replica of the ship! Well half a replica. Having watched it, you do feel like you've been aboard the Titanic.
2. The soundtrack. See above. I don't like the Celine song though, I do have some limits to my bad taste.
3. Kate Winslet. Hard to imagine anyone else throwing themselves into this quite like Kate.
4. Leonardo Dicaprio. Beloved of teenage girls everywhere, he's perfect in this. I like Leo, he's a good actor.
5. Kathy Bates as the Unsinkable Molly. I'd like to have seen more of her.
6. Billy Zane! Billy Zane is in it. Wearing eyeliner. Say no more.
7. The action. Once that iceberg hits, it's non-stop action and it's fantastic. The way the water rushes in. The bit where she has to go and save Jack from the handcuffs. Heart in my mouth.
8. The hats.
9. Gloria Stuart. Pure class.
10. All the underwater footage of Titanic. It never fails to move me.

I'll stop at ten reasons. That's quite enough.

I can't pick one scene as one scene alone is just bad. You need the whole film. So here's a trailer.

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