Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rob Lowe

I read Rob Lowe's autobiography on my holiday (Seville since you ask, lovely, I recommend it). I was expecting to enjoy this book as it's ROB LOWE and it's common knowledge I like him. However, it's actually a stonking good read. The thing that really struck me about it was how easy it was for him to break into Hollywood. He doesn't seem to have the struggling years. His mum moves him to Malibu to be with her latest man (she sounds like a fruitloop) and boom! He's best mates with the Sheen brothers and hanging out with the Penn brothers! In a matter of moments he's auditioning for The Outsiders and away he goes.

Mind you, look at him. He was insanely pretty so it's not a great surprise. The other thing that struck me is that past the looks, Rob is a good actor. Clearly I have always known this but it reminded me of his lesser known films that I am thirsting to watch again: Bad Influence (very good if I recall from years ago) and Masquerade (a Bad Movie We Love). I shall be ordering them from Amazon and having a Rob Lowe evening.  Anyone is welcome to join me.

While I wait, I shall be content with the Rob I have. I recently rewatched St Elmo's Fire so it's the first episode of The West Wing then... the things I do.


  1. *rushes over to PT's house and parks her bottom on the sofa for an evening of Rob*


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