Saturday, 11 June 2011

Summer songs - Daydream Believer, The Monkees

Cheer up sleepy Jean, oh what can it mean to a daydream believer. What a wondrous song this is, even Dawson and Joey warbling it on Dawson's Creek cannot ruin it for me.

In case you missed it:

I am cringing for them.

This is one of those wonderful all-time classic American songs that make you want to eat ice cream cones and rollerskate down a promenade. I love its innocence. Sing it boys.


  1. As you have recently discovered,I could wax lyrical about The Monkees for a gazillion paragraphs. I was driving home from work yesterday morning with my friend, popped this on and we sang our hearts out. By no means my favourite Monkees song but it is probably their most feel good. And Davy Jones is my least favourite Monkee! *shuts up*

  2. What is your favourite Monkees song?

  3. Ooh ooh - I think it would have to be "What Am I Doing Hangin' 'Round", it was the song that was my favourite as a child and I truly could listen to it on repeat ALL DAY LONG! I pretty much love the album it is from :-)

  4. I find it very hard to name my FAVOUTITE Monkees song but I think Last Train To Clarksville might be the one, especially as I met someone from Clarksville, Tx and proceeded to ask him if he'd ever got on the last train to get home!

  5. I'd never heard of Diffbird's - I really like it! I need to brush up on my Monkees.

    Disco - had he?

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  7. My brother's favourite is Clarksville too, Disco. I love the line "we'll have time for coffee flavoured kisses and a bit of conversation" :-)

    Glad you like my tune! Having watched all the episodes again, I think it is because it was from a fun episode. I especially love it as I've been to San Antonio!

    Strangely there had been a line from a song that was stuck in my head since FOREVER. I was amazed to find out it was from Papa Gene's Blues by The Monkees. Shows how things from childhood stick around forever :-)

    (should have checked my a gazillion spellings before posting, just got up after a night shift!!)

  8. I' never heard of Diffbirds either but am now humming along to it. And, no he'd never taken the last train - apparently having horses and lots of trucks means you never need to get a train!

  9. I need more Monkees in my life. I am humming along to Last Train To Clarksville.


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