Sunday, 12 June 2011

Forrest Gump

I remember when Forrest Gump swept the Oscars beating Pulp Fiction, Tarantino said "why doesn't everyone realise Forrest Gump is a black comedy?" Well, Quentin, I realised. I am unashamed in my love for Forrest Gump, I genuinely believe it to be a great film. I think Tom Hanks thoroughly deserved his Oscar. And I think it's technically brilliant; the way they edit the old footage so Forrest meets the presidents is brilliant.

It was on TV last night and so I watched it again having not seen it for years. It's simply great entertainment and I think my favourite bit is how well Forrest does in the army. "Forrest, you're a goddamned genius!" I also love Bubba talking about all the different ways you can shrimp.

It has a fabulous (if obvious) soundtrack and all the supporting actors are very good too. Gary Sinise as Lt Dan, Robin Wright as Jenny. Hell, I even like Sally Fields in this!

Here is my favourite bit.


  1. I spent years not watching anything with Tom Hanks in because I thought I didn't like him. IDIOT. (It's Tom Cruise I don't like). Forrest Gump is just the loveliest, cosiest film ever. I always use the FG pronunciation 'but-TOCK' at every available opportunity. This sits in the 'Favourites' DVD box.

  2. It's just great. It's a perfect sunday afternoon film too.


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