Sunday, 16 October 2011

Paul McCartney in the 80s

It's fashionable to diss Paul McCartney's 80s output but I am here to redress the balance. I loved 80s Paul! Smash Hits helped fuel my love by calling him Fab Macca Thumbs Aloft which used to amuse me every time. Let's take a look at a few of his songs from the magnificent 80s...

First up, Ebony and Ivory.

Now, this has to be Paul's answer to Imagine, no? "There is good and bad in everyone". So deep. It's hard for me to defend this one, it's a pretty bad song, I am prepared to accept it and listen to it as it has Stevie Wonder on it and I love a bit of Stevie but really, it's no Imagine.

Next, Pipes of Peace.

Just looking at the single cover is making me feel nostalgic. Naturally I bought this and played it endlessly. It's a lovely ditty! The video is atrocious but the song itself is very listenable. I've just listened to it for the first time in ages and yes, I still rather like it. Paul can always write a melody after all.

Next up, No More Lonely Nights.

I am just listening to this now, it's been years. Why don't they play this on the radio anymore? This is a great song. It's a power ballad no less! I loved this at the time (and bought it too - really Paul, you should thank me for supporting you through the 80s). I just learned that Dave Gilmour does the guitar solo on this. I can't believe I never knew that because when you listen again, it's so obvious. The campaign to get this played more starts now. Another weird video though.

Of course the 80s saw Paul pair with the mighty Jacko and give me two of my favourite songs ever. The Girl is Mine (from Thriller) and Say Say Say.

What a terrible single cover! Ahhhhh, Say Say Say. What can I say? I just think this is one of the greatest pop songs ever. It's so catchy and they sound so good together. And of course the video has the late Linda in it. At the time I thought why? But now I think it's sweet. What's with the long intros to all these videos? Just get on with it!

So you are all waiting for me to add We All Stand Together aren't you? No. John must have turned in his grave at this one. I hate it and always have done. Sorry.

But thank you Paul for the aforementioned gems. I've off to listen to No More Lonely Nights again now.


  1. Yeah, you're keeping very quiet about Mull of Kintyre, too, I notice...

  2. Having a go at "We all stand together" is a bit like having a dig at "Itsty bitsy spider!" It was and is a children's song written for a child's animated film. It also has some of the most beautiful lines which Macca has ever written.


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