Sunday, 23 October 2011

Musings on George

I enjoyed my little stroll down memory lane with Paul McCartney and so I thought I'd do the same with my beloved George and focus on all his solo career.

My love for George knows no bounds. I follow him on Twitter (he's a tad needy but hey, he's had a tough time) and I am delighted he seems to be back on track, has ditched Kenny (I was never sure) and is off the drugs enough to tour again. One of my early posts paid tribute to Wham! And I've already discussed the masterpiece that is Careless Whisper.  So what does that leave? Oh so very much so let's get on with it.

Faith. What an album. I still adore this album and can listen to it all the way through. Faith itself is a toe-tapping delight but my favourite song on the album is Father Figure. It's a beautiful song. George is a little breathy on it but no matter, I can ignore that.

While we're here, let's just listen to Faith again as it has a great opening and an iconic video.

Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 is a harder album to love but of course I do because I am a devoted fan. It has some really touching songs on it. I am a huge fan of Waiting For That Day:

And of course, the fabulous Freedom 90 with that video. This is one of his finest moments, Robbie's cover was a disaster, he was way too bombastic.

And I adore Cowboys and Angels which is such a pretty song and you can hear a lot of Older tracks in this song. A taste of what's to come.

Then he went all quiet for ages and some of us despaired. And out of the blue came one of my favourite songs ever, Fast Love.

This is such a 90s song and video and I love the funkiness which we hadn't heard for a while. Love, love, love it. I also really like Jesus To A Child which is a sad song but touching.

I like Older but those are the two stand out tracks for me. I like the others well enough but don't adore them. Then he made us wait again before he released Songs From The Last Century. I don't know, I love his voice but why sing other songs when he can write such great songs of his own? It's why I don't have much time for Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me or Somebody To Love (which he does well but come on, really, covering a Queen song is brave). I make an exception for As because it's just an all-round wonderful song and his voice suits Stevie Wonder songs.

Oh dear, then he got political and the less said about Freeek and Shoot the Dog the better. Patience never really did it for me. I quite like Amazing even if it does sound like it was made to be played in beach bars on the Costa Del Sol, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

 I also really enjoy Flawless probably because it reminds me of about the last time I went out to a club!

That covers the albums but he's prolific and has done many singles. He duetted with Aretha on a song I try to love but can't. I don't hate I Knew You Were Waiting For Me but it doesn't get my heart going. However I adore Too Funky and consider it one of the best things he's ever recorded.

Outside is fun but nowhere near as good as Fast Love or Too Funky. Phew. That was exhausting and I know I've missed lots out. I couldn't stand his cover of True Faith which made me sad. George, it's been ages, write your OWN song mate.

I will always listen to George though - he's a constant in my life and I love his voice, it's so pure. Keep on writing George, stay off the waccy baccy, keep it in your pants, embrace the funk and we shall continue to be happy together.

Yours forever,


  1. I absolutely adore George Michael and the For Living CD of Twenty Five is on constant repeat in my car at the moment.

  2. Oh Waiting For That Day is George's best song. TOTALLY. Beautiful BEAUTIFUL vocal. I think it is the simplicity of it that is stunning. I do think the songs where he just sings and doesn't fanny about with being political or controversial are stunning.

    Fast Love is a great song but incredibly difficult to dance to - it's just a tiny bit too slow!! It would always be played in clubs but it was always a struggle - in the end we usually headed to the bar when it started.

    I would love him to redo A Different Corner. It was a beautiful vocal but dated within weeks of its release. And the hair in the video - yikes.

    I saw George in Notting Hill. Did I do what any sensible ex-Wham! obsessive would do? No. I walked past him hyperventilating thinking 'OMG that's George Michael'. THAT is my biggest regret in life. Apart from not having my photo taken with Worzel Gummidge cos I was too shy.

  3. Oh god, I loathe A Different Corner. It just makes me cringe. Out of interest what would a sensible ex-Wham! obsessive do when seeing George in Notting Hill? As I've said before I know we'd be best mates so if I saw him, he'd just know that on sight and we'd be having coffee and chatting before we know it...

  4. I'm SURE someone who liked Wham! would not just walk past him, after all it is GEORGE MICHAEL. Maybe he sensed that I thought his hair was too bouffant on the Make It Big album and somehow he created a shield that stopped me from approaching him. Or perhaps I was just a wuss.


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