Friday, 28 October 2011

Starmaker - The Kids From Fame

It's been a long and emotional week. At the end of such a week, what better way to soothe the soul than with some of those pesky Kids From Fame? I've discussed the kids before so no need to revisit here.  However,  nothing makes me laugh as much as this video, it's so earnest. The way Lydia belts out her lines, the way they all stare at the teacher, they way they raise their hands together at the end. Oh but it's fantastic.

Now I am currently obsessed with listening to the Desert Island Disc archive (as I've mentioned previously) and one morning recently I was on the way to work and listening to Matt Lucas, somebody who has never registered with me since I am not a fan of British comedy and think Little Britain is the worst show ever made. Anyway, Kirsty asked him for his next record and he said "well, this is a bit embarrassing but I just love this song so much and I sung along when I was a kid and I loved this." They started playing Starmaker and I burst out laughing because this song really would be on my desert island and I am not even embarrassed about it. Take that Matt Lucas - have the courage of your convictions and don't be ashamed of your Kids from Fame love.

Starmaker is a lovely song to sing along to and I defy anyone to disagree. Has Glee done a Fame tribute yet? Like those upstarts could come close to Doris and Coco. Pffft.

All together... "soul taaaakkkkkkerrrr, we're happy now!"


  1. I started to type something out telling you all about how the actor playing Mr Crandall was leaving because he was dying then thought...hmmm I am sure I've told you this before! I had! SO I won't bore you with that story again! Thank you though for a future song for me to blog about!

    I tell you, Lady Teenager, we are so different in some respects (you are so swish and wonderful and stylish, I dress like John-Boy Walton) but we are SOUL MATES when it comes to things like this!!!

  2. Do I look like I might not have know that nugget of information?! You're talking to a fellow pro my friend.

    *swishes off wonderfully and stylishly*


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