Sunday, 29 May 2011

Pulp Fiction

Some films come along and hit you right between the eyes and change our perception of film. Pulp Fiction was one of those films for me. I remember going to the cinema to see this having little idea of what it was about and being blown away. I am a real wimp when it comes to violence in movies and although you don't see much actual violence in this, the threat is always there and there are still some scenes I find hard to watch. But no matter, I still watch it again and again.

It's a film that seems to burn on to your retinas and stay there. Every scene is lovingly lit and the cast are dressed iconically. None more so than Uma Thurman as Mia who made us all want to wear white shirt and black trousers and look as cool as her. We wish.

I loved John Travolta since Grease and it always used to annoy me that the 80s weren't good for him. He made some terrible choices (never, ever watch The Experts) and was relegated to Look Who's Talking. It never felt right. But god bless Tarantino who knew there were people like me who were dying to see him make a good film again. He is so fabulous in this - this is the film when everyone said 'oh, he's a good actor' and yet again I sat smiling smugly on the sidelines.

Bruce Willis is also a revelation in this, the first film in which I found him rather fanciable. It has some of the best dialogue committed to celluloid and a great soundtrack. It's in my top 10 films. My favourite scene is, of course, the dance scene. Nothing could be more perfect. I can watch it endlessly.

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