Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Madonna - 00s

Continuing my Madonna decades, we come to the 00s. I refuse to call them the noughties. Another storming decade for Madge, she started it with Music. How was that 11 years ago? I still love that song and the whole album. I really like Don't Tell Me - great video.

Then she gave us American Life which is a low point. I can't excuse the cover of American Pie. She squeezed in the Austin Powers song, Beautiful Stranger, which is quite fun. I was beginning to wonder if she had lost it in a fog of yoga, stringy arm muscles and a macrobiotic diet. Then, then she gave us Confessions On A Dance Floor which was such a storming return to form I was quite giddy. I adore this album - it's a dance album, a proper one. Madonna, why did it take you so long to give us such a delight? Hung Up is a fabulous song and yet another fantastic video. It almost rivals Vogue for me.

However since then, I've been underwhelmed. Hard Candy was forgettable. She snogged Britney and Christina. Come on Madge, you don't need to do that love. She did at least have the sense to get rid of Guy Ritchie.

Madonna is now 52 and I am very interested to see what she does next. It's hard to imagine where she will go. I wish she'd give up the film aspirations but I don't expect she will. She's not got the voice of the living legends like Barry and Neil. I've never wanted to see her live. Maybe she could start a talent show and be a judge. In fact, I'm amazed she's not appeared on The X Factor. Amazed but grateful to see she has some taste. I'd like to see her get back together with Sean Penn...

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  1. Oh how I love Hung Up! A great vid too and Madge just looks fantastic in it.
    I also quite like 4 Minutes (with JT) but she hasn't don't much worth mentioning since.


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