Monday, 2 May 2011

An Officer and A Gentleman

Considering I really dislike Richard Gere, it's amazing I can bear his films but what a film this one is. An Officer and a Gentleman. It ain't PC what with women being rescued but it's so romantic and swoonworthy. When he goes and picks Paula up in the factory and the other girls all applause. Way to go!

Top Gun owes a lot to this film but this really is so much better. Much as I love Top Gun, this is far more heart rending and properly written. It pains me to admit that Gere is very good in this as is Debra Winger who I've always liked.

And it has that song. Much parodied but still so listenable, it's a wonderful power ballad. Sing it Joe and Jennifer!

When Casey finally makes it over that wall, well, I'm not ashamed to admit I well up every time. I'd like to show you the final scene but I can't find it on YouTube so let's watch the trailer instead.

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