Saturday, 28 May 2011

Jeff Conaway - a tribute

It's a sad day at PT Towers as I woke up with the news that Jeff Conaway has died.

Kenickie was one of my very first crushes. I loved Danny (we all loved Danny) but Kenickie was the sexy one. Jeff played him perfectly. Being a Grease obsessive I can tell you than Jeff had played Danny on the stage and was disappointed to not play him in the movie. To add insult to injury, they took Kenickie's song (Greased Lightning) and gave it to Danny. Monumentally unfair. It's obviously a song that Kenickie should sing but I am not going to complain as Travolta did us proud.

Another piece of trivia I can tell you is that Jeff insisted on giving Stockard the hickie (from Kenickie) for real. What a legend.

RIP Jeff. The world is a slightly smaller place without you in it.


  1. So sad. I think SO MANY GIRLS preferred Kenickie. I used to babysit my cousin's kids and they INSISTED on watching Grease every time. They thought Kenickie was called Auntie Nicky because that's what their dad's sister is called (well obviously Auntie isn't her real name). I shall be watching Grease this weekend.

  2. Me too (watch Grease that is, I never thought Keneckie was called Auntie Nicky!)


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