Sunday, 22 May 2011


What a feeling! Flashdance is the very definition of a Bad Movie We Love. It's soooooo bad but yet so deliciously good. I am reminded of it because I am currently watching Chicago Code with Jennifer Beals. Who'd have thought she'd have a career with legs but god bless her, she's actually pretty good.

Back to Flashdance. A movie about a beautiful welder who wants to be a dancer. And that folks is all you need to know. She welds by day, she dances racily by night (along with her friends) and she dreams of getting into a proper classy dance school and living her dream. Along the way she sleeps with her boss, memorably takes ber bra off under her top and has a bit of angst.

I've seen this film many times but I can't think of any scene apart from the bra scene, the dinner scene and the final dance scene. Everything else all blurs into one dance and music fest. It truly is a film of style over substance.

Geri Halliwell should be punished severely for her It's Raining Men video (and don't even get me started on her covering that song either). The original dance scene in Flashdance is fabulous and here it is - I can't believe the judges are smoking. Sing it Irene!


  1. I remember an ice skating scene but I have no idea why there would be such a scene in Flashdance. Perhaps I'm muddling my Bad Movies We Love and it's from something else?

  2. No, I remember that scene now you mention it!

  3. Was her best friend an ice skater? Who also danced racily by night? Dammit ..... i'm just going to have to watch it to find out!


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