Sunday, 1 May 2011

Power Ballads - Nobody Does it Better, Carly Simon

I could start yet another series featuring Bond themes but with Opening Credits, Summer Songs and Power Ballads, I think we have enough for now. I do enjoy a Bond theme and this one is in my top five. Depending on my mood, it might be my all-time favourite but it's hard to beat Shirley.

I love Carly Simon's voice and she sings this like honey and with such pining in her voice. I like a singer who can really convey the meaning of a song. If you didn't understand English, I think you'd get this. It's such a sexy song. "Why do you have to be so good?"

This song bursts onto the screen as James Bond's parachute opens to show us a Union Jack. It's perfection and I still get goosebumps every time I watch it. You can see it here.

And here is Carly singing it live. Lovely.


  1. I remember going to see The Spy Who Loved Me at the cinema and the whole audience cheering when the Union Jack parachute opened.

  2. I remember that too. Can't believe I was taken at the age of 7 but it wouldn't surprise me.

  3. Clearly you were an exceptionally bright and savvy child that knew a classic movie when you saw it!


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