Sunday, 19 February 2012

My workout playlist

Today I saw my personal trainer. Sometimes we go running but most of the time she puts me through hell in my house. You may have noticed that music is very important to me and it becomes vital to my survival when it comes to working out.

I did warn Katie (my PT) at the beginning that she will have to put up with my taste and, so far, she's kept a straight face and even bopped around to Beyonce. Today she could not stop giggling to each song (I'd made up a new CD this afternoon as I get bored easily).

Salt & Pepa - she could barely stand up she was laughing so much. I was a bit bemused but she insisted, no she loved it. Then Together in Electric Dreams came on and she asked who it was. I know, I know, I don't pay her to know pivotal 80s music though and I did a little dance while I answered and she was in pieces. Biology came on and she completely lost it and said 'it's like being in a teenager's bedroom!' I, of course, took this as the compliment it was no doubt intended to be. We were doing a plank at the end and she laughed again and asked 'who is this?' to which I replied, while also snorting with laughter, 'why Hall & Oates of course!' I just about managed to the end of the plank before dissolving in giggles. You try doing a plank and laughing.

For your delectation dear readers, here is my current playlist, Whitney-tribute included.

What are your favourite songs for exercise? Inspire me as I always need suggestions. I leave you with this, my god they were awesome. 

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