Monday, 27 February 2012

Abba - The Desert Island Songs

Abba - best pop band ever.  Don't try and argue with me, you know I am right. A heated debate has started over on another part of the internet I frequent about which Abba songs should be taken to a desert island. If we're following the format of the Radio 4 show, then that is eight songs. But which eight?

It's a conundrum to be sure. Thrown into the discussion mix are: Mamma Mia, The Winner Takes It All, Take A Chance On Me, Summer Night City, SOS, Fernando, Chiquitita (although that would be thrown into the ocean by me), Gimme Gimme Gimme, Dancing Queen, Knowing Me Knowing You, Super Trouper, Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (yeah, that was my face too), Ring Ring...

Where to start with such riches? Well, all I can say is this is my list (and it's in no order). Add your own in the comments.

Dancing Queen. Anyone who doesn't include this in their list is just plain weird and I wouldn't be able to trust them.

The Winner Takes It All. I've explained before how much I love this. I have nothing further to add except to say the intro alone makes me well up. *sniffle*

SOS. The greatest pop song ever composed according to Pete Townsend who I have no time for but, he's got a point.

Summer Night City. A joyous treat with rarely no sad undertones from Abba.

Mamma Mia. Oh god, I am already at number five. I am having a meltdown that I only have three left. This is simply perfect.

Take A Chance On Me. One of the best videos ever, ever, ever made. Who didn't act this out in the playground?

Knowing Me Knowing You. Oh my, this is sad: "walking through an empty house, tears in my eyes." The Swedes are killing me.

And finally, Thank You For The Music. This is the hardest choice, I could have gone with Under Cover, The Name Of The Game (nearly killing me not to include this), I Do, I Do I, Do, Fernando, One of Us, Money Money Money, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Voulez-Vous but this makes me all nostalgic and this blog is all about nostalgia. This sums up my childhood.

A confession: I've never been much of a fan of Super Trouper. There I've said it.

We love you Abba, don't ever reform and spoil it all for us.

Love, Teenager.


  1. Oooh nice idea.

    Summer Night City
    Mamma Mia
    Dancing Queen
    Happy New Year
    The Winner Takes It All
    The Name Of The Game
    One Of Us

    That was TOUGH!

  2. May I congratulate you on taking on the challenge however tough it may be. Controversial choice with Angel Eyes there...

  3. Dancing Queen
    The Winner Takes it All
    Take a Chance on Me
    Mamma Mia
    Voulez Vous
    Gimme Gimme Gimme
    Super Trouper
    Money Money Money

    That was nigh on impossibe and it's killing me not to include Summer Night City and The Name of the Game

  4. I am feeling bad for The Name Of The Game, I want it but there is no room. It's with a heavy heart I leave it out.

    Nice list Disco but I am surprised you can live without SOS.

  5. I can't really but you were very strict about making it a top 8!

  6. I've just put the radio on and realised that my 9th track would have to be Lay All Your Love On Me.

    (Just goes to show I am ALWAYS considering which ABBA songs are the best).

  7. You are so dedicated Diff, I am in awe.


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