Sunday, 26 February 2012

Kylie Minogue

Kylie may not be Madonna (who will always be my queen of pop) but she's done us proud over the years. Kylie is our girl next door pop star and has had some cracking songs so let's step back in time (see what I did there?) and take a look at my pick of her songs.

I adore I Should Be So Lucky - it's got the best video and it makes me feel all nostalgic for an innocent time. She sings it like it really does mean something, bless her.

There are lots of Kylie duds, I can live without Hand On Your Heart and Got To Be Certain but I still listen to Wouldn't Change A Thing. I love this song but watching the video is funny, the days before proper hard core dancing hit pop videos. I swear, I could do what she does here.

I prefer to pretend Tears On My Pillow didn't happen and skip to Better The Devil You Know. I believe this coincides with when she met Michael. This is vintage Kylie and a song that never grows old.

Step Back In Time is my desert island Kylie song. I think it's perfect with a great video. I always have to dance if this comes on. I love the whole vibe of this.

This was such a great string of hits, now we have What Do I Have To Do. Another corker.

Shocked - also fabulous, wonderful introduction to this one.

Then we seem to go through a blah period. Finer Feelings? Give Me Just A Little More Time? They are okay but not memorable.

She dumped Stock Aitken and Waterman and released Confide in Me which I still think is a great song with an excellent video.


Put Yourself In My Place is another cool video based on Barbarella. Another underrated song.

It all got a bit tedious as she went and looked for her alternative side and it was sighs of relief from everyone when she discovered she really was a pop princess with Spinning Around. This is a slice of pop heaven.

Then came Can't Get You Out Of My Head. This is the song that she'll be remembered for and it is perfect pop but it's not my fave Kylie. She does look unbelievable in this though.

I prefer In Your Eyes, this song does not get enough credit. It's a great song to dance to.

And I also love Come Into My World, totally brilliant video.

Slow is a song I would never listen to through choice but I do think the video is amazing even though I am not particularly interested at looking at Kylie's boobs. You know, I hadn't realised until writing this how good Kylie videos are, they are always interesting to watch.

2 Hearts is another great pop song but the video is a little try-hard for me.

All The Lovers is an indication that I think Kylie needs to change her sound slightly. I feel I've heard it before but you know, it's still fab!

But we close with her ultimate masterpiece, the song that should be played at every wedding, the song that takes us all back to the wonder years that were Scott and Charlene. Take it away my friends...

I wish Kylie nothing but good things, she is cute, perky and can sing perfectly well. I feel that she's probably a very nice person too, after all, she is Australian and they tend to be nice don't they?! May you have many more years of perfect pop Kylie!


  1. I LOVED Kylie *every time round* until her recent stuff which is a bit blah. See SAW were kings of pop when I was reading Smash Hits. Hand On Your Heart is still a favourite of mine - and Never Too Late. I LOVED her first two albums.

    I think Light Years is a great album - Disco Down and Your Disco Needs You are BRILLIANT tracks. Burning Up and Love At First Sight off Fever too. In fact - during the Kylie revival lots of people claimed they were always Kylie fans but none of them seemed to know her first album had a track called Love At First Sight (I am singing it in my head now).

    I've seen her live a few times - it is a painful experience I have to say. But the show is great. I kept getting annoyed when she did versions of Lucky and Devil but she soon realised we wanted the real thing.

    Yes. I like Kylie Minogue. I still pretend I am in the I Should Be So Lucky video when I have a bath.

    I should stop being such a Kylie fan now...

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  3. Never stop being a Kylie fan Differs!

  4. Diff, are you enough of fan that you parted with your precious pocket money and paid to go and see The Deliquents?!

  5. A Bad Film We, errrmmm, Don't Love as it turns out!

  6. MissDisco - I have to say...I have NEVER seen that film! I feel it may have been a wise choice :)


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