Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Cure

It surprises some people to learn I like The Cure. Look, I didn't just listen to Wham! and The Kids From Fame in the 80s you know. I sometimes dipped my toe in the cool waters and I've always liked The Cure. While we're on it, I like The Smiths too.

Anyway, The Cure first came to my attention with The Lovecats which is still one of my favourite songs. It has a wonderful introduction and it's such a great pop song from a non-pop band. The added bonus of this version is it is from Top of the Pops. This is vintage TOTP by the way, check it out.

I also adore Just Like Heaven.

Boys Don't Cry. This has another wonderful introduction. The Cure really knew how to draw you in.

The classic of many an indie film, Friday I'm In Love.

In Between Days, also used in indie films. In fact, what would quirky indie films do without The Cure?

Why Can't I Be You? This has very clever lyrics.

And I've saved my absolute favourite until last, Lullaby. This is delicious.

All that I can say is, The Cure absolutely is a pop band. What am I thinking? These are some of the catchiest songs ever written. Such a fabulously British band that makes me miss the creativity of the 80s. When people scoff at 80s music, I point them to The Cure. Genius.

Normal cheesy service will be resumed soon. I seem to be going through an unprecedented cool phase.

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