Saturday, 7 January 2012

Janet Jackson - Control

I am making up a new playlist to exercise to. As you can imagine, I take this very seriously and like to ensure I have exactly the right music to torture myself to. I make a playlist, burn a CD (cos I am old skool) and then listen to it for a few months before needing a change. I was casting round the internet for inspiration and somebody mentioned Janet Jackson, Control.

I had completely forgotten about this album so I visited iTunes to refresh my memory and wow, wasn't it great? Nobody really took Janet seriously until she released this and it was a fab album. I am listening to Nasty as I type and it has one of the best intros in pop. I also adore What Have You Done For Me Lately? Control and When I Think Of You but I can live without Let's Wait Awhile.

For my workout CD, I chose Nasty. Not Nasty Boys, why can't the internet get these things right? I think it's perfect to pump some iron to.

I also cannot let a post about Janet Jackson go by without mentioning the video for What Have You Done For Me Lately. I adore the little exchange between Janet and her friend at the beginning; "yes honey I love him he is fiiiine!" It's comedy genius.

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