Sunday, 8 January 2012

East 17

East 17 were the poor man's Take That. There are people who say they were better but believe me, they weren't. They looked like they had more street cred than Take That (if you count wearing combats and having a dog as street cred) but it was all an illusion because, after all, they were managed by the man who managed Bros. That blows that theory out of the water.

The thing about East 17 is that they were all ugly as sin. Look at them! A boy band who managed to induce hysteria looking like that. We live in strange times indeed.

They did have some songs worthy of our attention however. I will always have a soft spot for House of Love. One love. Watching this video is amusing me no end. There was a very particular 90s style of dancing.

Stay Another Day. The song that no doubt pays Tony Mortimer's rent. Not strictly a Christmas song but it is always played at Christmas. It's a nice little song but seriously, LOOK how ugly they are!

The definitive East 17 song for me is Deep. This is a great song, I love it. The video is absolutely hilarious and I urge you all to watch it for Terry's early moves. Don't ask me how I remember the names of East 17, it's a special talent I have.

I am not anti-ugly honestly but I do think a key requisite of being in a boy band is looking reasonably attractive and being able to dance. These boys looked a mess and just bounced up and down. Nonetheless, I can forgive them for Deep (deep down).

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