Friday, 13 January 2012

Deeply Dippy - Right Said Fred

Tomorrow I am going to one of my best friend's birthday party. She is 40. Actually she was 40 last month but she wisely chose to have her birthday party in the dead month that is January. I can say she's 40 with abandon as she's still six months younger than me.

Anyway, we were at uni together and she was my partner in crime. While those around us studied diligently, suffered pangs of guilt about not going to lectures and went to the library, we stayed up talking until 4am every night, rolled out of bed at midday and had a toasted sandwich together before deciding perhaps we should grace campus with our presence and then went to the bar to cope with the pain of moving out of the house with beer. We shared love for American teen dramas (90210), Home & Away, Barry Manilow, Sega video games (remember them?!), endless cups of tea and biscuits, the Viking Midnight Love Affair on Viking FM, Keanu Reeves, Sister Sledge and all 70s disco, late-night Cluedo sessions, drinking games,  Top Gun, pinball, Miami Vice and countless other passions.

There is no time in your life like your university years, at heart you are still a teenager but you have freedom. You live with your best friends, you have all the time in the world to talk and get to know everything about each other and you can decide that spending a day watching daytime television is best done in your pyjamas with a pot of tea by your side and genuinely feel like you've achieved something by getting out of bed.

Deeply Dippy is not a song you hear often now (thankfully, it's pretty dire) but it always makes me think of Steff as she relished singing the line 'and legs that go on for miles and miles.' What can I say? It tickled us. That's what friends are for.

20 years we've known each other. Where does the time go? Happy Birthday Steff and let's get that cheese on the turntables tomorrow night.

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