Sunday, 22 January 2012

90s songs: All Saints, Never Ever

I was reminded about All Saints by the lovely Hidden Playlist blog. She isn't kind about Never Ever but I have always found this to be a guilty pleasure song. I know I should dislike it but I think it's a great pop song.

Dear lord but All Saints were so annoying. I wanted to smack them all, especially Nicole. It was nothing to do with her dating Robbie Williams, honest, she was just so goddamned lucky to be in a band with some talented members cos she sure didn't have any. Still, she ended up with Liam Gallagher so karma worked its magic.

They had one good song and this was it. They had the temerity to cover Under the Bridge. They, in short, were no Spice Girls who at least knew they were a bit naff.

Anyway, let's hear it for Never Ever, a great pop song that is so very 90s.

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