Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Happy Mondays

I know The Stone Roses were the cool band to like but it won't surprise you to learn that I didn't go the cool route. Although I liked The Stone Roses, I loved The Happy Mondays back in the very early 90s. Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches is still such a favourite album of mine. I listen to it and close my eyes and I am transported back to my bedroom in Essex. I wish I could tell you I am transported back to a rave in a field in Essex but no, I was never a raving girl. I really am the definition of square.

Anyway, Kinky Afro, Bob's Yer Uncle, Step On and my favourite, Loose Fit. And as I write this I am listening to Wrote For Luck which was on an earlier album. All of them are fab.

What a bunch of crackheads they were. Just watching this video is funny and I love the fact that Bez just bopped around, clearly in the band cos they were mates and for no discernable talent. Happy memories from the Happy Mondays. You're twisting my melon man!


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