Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Before Christmas I was having dinner with a friend of mine who said that he considered Crazy In Love to be a perfect video. He used to work at MTV and when Crazy In Love came on, everyone just stopped and watched it. He wasn't being a sleaze about it, he was admiring (or so he claimed and I choose to believe him) the editing, the colour combinations and the way it is a perfect pop video in three minutes with fire, rain, Jay Z rapping and neon colours. He got onto this subject by asking what we felt we could write a PHD paper about, his answer was the Crazy In Love video and this entranced me. I mean, not many people would come up with that answer and then be able to talk about it so eloquently.

It got me thinking and I agree with him. It's one of the great videos of recent times. She's certainly never looked hotter but what's great about Beyonce is she is hot without alienating women. My theory is it's because she is properly talented, she can sing like a dream, she moves effortlessly, she's not super skinny but has some 'junk in her trunk' (as my sister famously pointed out to me once) and she looks like someone you could have a giggle with. I read somewhere this week that there is something innocent and wholesome about her and this is true. That dress at the end of the Crazy in Love video would look slutty on Rhianna but Beyonce makes it look fab-u-lous.

We all love Beyonce don't we? I've never met anyone who is lukewarm about her. But my problem is her music. When she gets it right, she's untouchable but enough with the ballads Bouncie! My top two Beyonce songs are Crazy In Love, which she will never top, it's miles ahead of everything else she has done and Single Ladies which is the perfect work out song.

Here they both are (and her dancing in Single Ladies is astounding) and I hope my friend writes that paper, I'd read it.


  1. Whilst I love Crazy In Love I much much prefer Single Ladies. However I'm not sure I could write a PHd on either song!
    I have just seen her dancing in the Single Ladies video (I can't believe I've never seen that vid before), man can she dance! And what a knockout body. If I go to enough Zumba classes I too will look and dance like Bouncie!


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