Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas songs - Ray Charles, Winter Wonderland

Hooray! It's December and I can start my series on favourite Christmas songs. Nothing makes me happier than listening to Christmas songs while looking at a Christmas tree, wrapping presents, making mince pies, opening presents or staring into a crackling fire. Unleash the Christmas magic!

We start with possibly my all-time fave, Winter Wonderland. I pretty much love any cover of this but none are as sublime as Ray Charles. The little bells at the beginning, the way he sounds like he's just got up and knocked it out. That, my friends, is effortless. It's the version used in When Harry Met Sally too so it's all good.

It makes me want to don a cosy hat and walk in Central Park. Any park will do though. We'll frolic and play, the eskimo way...


  1. This song always makes me think of New York at Christmas. I don't know why, I have spent a Christmas in New York yet everytime I hear it I think of Macy's Christmas windows, ice skating at the Rockefellar and skipping through the snow in Central Park

  2. I meant to say 'I HAVEN'T spent a Christmas in NY'. The post makes more sense when you know that!

  3. This song is all about Darlene Love for me I'm afraid.


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