Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas songs - Pink Martini

Pink Martini's Christmas album was my purchase in Christmas 2010, back when it was all trees round here. It's an absolute delight and I've been listening to it this year as well. It has the most divine cover and is full of gems. I love the version of Little Drummer Boy, I much prefer it to Bing and Bowie's. There I've said it. I consider B&B's version to be over-rated.

This is the perfect album to play if you are having a few cocktails for Christmas with your cool cat friends. Slip on an ironic santa hat, play this and watch your party gently rock.

My favourite song on it is Shchedryk (Ukranian Bell Carol) as it's Christmassy without being cloying. You may think you don't know this but trust me, you do. It depresses me that this has less than a thousand views on YouTube and we have to suffer Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber. There truly is no justice in the world.

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