Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Jennifer Lopez romcoms

First of all, I want her earrings! JLo romcoms, it takes a committed sort granted but that's me. Committed to the cause of watching crap romcoms.

I've not seen all JLo's ouevre but I've seen enough to warrant a blog post about them.

Maid in Manhattan

This is the strangest film. What is Ralph Fiennes doing in a romcom? He is far too serious and dour to pull it off. And so it proves. This is not a good film in any way except a) Manhattan looks beautiful and b) so does JLo. Seriously, I think JLo is gorgeous in a way that few film stars are. Teenager rating: 6/10.

Shall We Dance?

On the one hand, I can't stand Richard Gere. On the other, Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci! It has dancing in it which is always good. Stanley is wonderful as he always is. It's entertaining enough. Teenager rating: 8/10.


I was on a plane, ok? And you know what? This isn't bad. It's never going to win any awards but I can always watch Jane Fonda and it's quite entertaining. Teenager rating: 7/10.

The Back-Up Plan

In all seriousness I enjoyed this. It's funny in places and quite sweet. The premise is fairly ludicrous but no more than many other romcoms. Teenager rating: 8/10.

No, even I didn't watch Gigli.

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