Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas songs - Wham! Last Christmas

We come to simply one of my favourite songs ever. The innocence! Look at that cover. Hearing this always transports me back to 1984 and it was a very good year so I am happy to take the journey.

This is one of the most brilliant Christmas songs and it has it all: cheesy lyrics, almost breathy singing from George, one of the best videos ever made by any band ever. I know it has its haters (yes, my sister loathes this) but I cannot understand how anyone could not love this. It was kept off the number one spot by Band Aid and Wham donated all profits to charity. They are such heroes.

To the video. The enthusiastic waving when they arrive! The jumping around in the snow! The decorating of the tree! George looking moody in that ridiculous furry hood! Andrew's truly terrible white outfit! I love every single frame of it. I know every single frame of it.

Yet again we are indebted to the genius of George Michael.


  1. I honestly believe the line 'with a note saying "I love you" I meant it' is George Michael's best singing ever.

  2. *rolls eyes in despair*. Dreadful song that is only made bearable when siung by Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler

  3. Diff, yet again I wonder if you are my true sister...

  4. My god I thought you were someone to rely on.

    I could weep for him.


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