Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Enough already

First Dirty Dancing and now Point Break? Has Hollywood got a vendetta against the late, great Patrick Swayze? I am getting properly and righteously annoyed by this. There is absolutely no need to remake Point Break.

It's a great film as I have previously discussed.  It's perfection, there is nothing that can be improved about it (possibly they could replace Lori Petty but I'd even be willing to defend her if I had to). Are they going to find a better director than Bigelow? No. Anyone as beautiful and sympathetic as Keanu? No. Anyone as funny and playing against type as well as Patrick? No.

If it's made it will be super-violent, starring someone like Vin Diesel and it just makes me shudder.

This article made me giggle. I am thinking of starting a petition - Hands Off Swayze Movies You Philistines. Who is with me?

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