Thursday, 22 September 2011

Elvis - Viva Las Vegas

Elvis never fails to lift my spirits. This isn't going to be a post about the wonders of Elvis as I am too tired to do him justice tonight. Instead let's just admire one of his finest moments ever. One of the best songs that only Elvis can sing.

This song defines Vegas for me, when I went a few years ago, we stayed at The Bellagio and went to admire the famous dancing fountains. I can't tell you how excited I was, I've wanted to see these fountains for a long time. They do a little routine to various different songs, we got there for a performance and what burst out? Viva Las Vegas! I thought I was going to expire with happiness.

This is also one of Elvis's better movies. I love this scene:

Ann Margaret looks so amazing in this, I love her outfit. I want a day off work to watch Elvis films now!


  1. Ann Margaret looks amazing in that outfit, yet another reason to hate her! As if getting to kiss Elvis and Steve McQueen (in The Cincinatti Kid) isn't enough to turn you pea green with envy she has the cheek to look like *that*. life can be so unfair!

  2. She makes me think of that great scene in Mad Men

  3. I don't watch Mad Men, what great scene?

  4. You really need to watch Mad Men - it's the best thing on TV. It's hard to describe the scene but one of the characters pretends to be Ann Margaret singing Bye Bye Birdie. Copying this:


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