Thursday, 15 September 2011

Diamonds are Forever, Shirley Bassey

It's extraordinary I've not talked about Bond songs yet. I actually can't quite believe I haven't. Anyway, to a classic and one that is most definitely in my top five Bond songs of all time, Diamonds are Forever. I prefer this to Goldfinger and that's saying something as I love Goldfinger.

Diamonds are Forever is epic. From the opening twinkling, the way Shirley sings forever in that opening line to the lyrics "they won't leave in the night, I've no fear they might desert me... touch it stroke it and undress it!" The whole song is so cinematic and evocative, it's impossible to just sit and listen to this, you need to sort of sashay round the room. Preferably in a long, tight evening gown.

Shirley is such a performer, I adore the way she sings live. Check it out and her expressions.

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  1. Diamond Diva - what a great name for an album!


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