Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Pointer Sisters

Yet again I am wondering why I've been so slow to blog about something so fundamental. The Pointer Sisters; one of the best bands ever. There's not even a trace of irony in that statement. So tonight I was cooking supper and decided to listen to a new album I bought on iTunes the other day. When I say new, I don't mean new music, I rarely buy new music seeing as how I am stuck in the 80s. I bought 80s Groove Volume 2 - it's by the Ministry of Sound so that makes it cool, right?

I was grooving on down and then Jump by The Pointer Sisters came on. What a song this is. I appreciate Girls Aloud as much as the next pop-obsessed chick but come on, The Pointer Sisters version blows theirs out of the water. It's groove-tastic, I defy anyone to sit still during it, even Hugh Grant couldn't in Love Actually (a film I must blog about at some point, not because I love it, quite the contrary).

The Pointer Sisters had some classics. Along with Jump, I offer you Automatic, I'm So Excited and Neutron Dance for your delectation. All fantastic. Did you know they were actually sisters called Pointer. I love that. I'm a bit upset to discover June Pointer died in 2006 and I didn't even know. It's five years too late but RIP June.

Let's groove along to this great video.


  1. An excellent song that I discover, to my shock, that I don't appear to own. The horror! i-Tunes, here I come!

  2. It's totally brilliant. It's impossible to not dance to it.

  3. Also, I want all the dresses they are wearing.


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