Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nu-Shooz - I Can't Wait

I am loving my 80s Groove 2 album and so I am going to talk about another forgotten classic. Nu Shooz, I Can't Wait. I bought this single back in the 80s and thought it was the best thing ever. What do you know? It turns out it really is. Another song to bop around the kitchen to.  Yet more research for this blog tells me that Nu Shooz were a husband and wife team from Portland, Oregon. I was not expecting that, I thought they'd be Danish or something.

I am amazed to discover the video on YouTube has over two million hits. Wow, that's a lot of Nu Shooz fans! Check out her hair - pure 80s style.


  1. I have no recollection of this at ALL!

  2. I saw Caroline a couple of weeks ago, she has this as her ringtone!


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