Saturday, 13 August 2011

Billy Ocean

Have you seen Billy Ocean lately? No, me either. In my head, he still looks like he does above. Prepare yourselves...

This blog educates me daily, I Googled Billy Ocean and imagine my surprise! As always, I was inspired by 80s Groove. Ahhhh Billy Ocean, what a guy. I can't think of a better speaking opener to a song than Caribbean Queen, "she's simply awesome." LOVE it.

This is the man who also gave us When The Going Gets Tough (The Tough Get Going) from the marvellous Jewel Of The Nile (yes, a posting about that and Romancin' The Stone will be imminent). And of course, the fabulous Suddenly and Love Really Hurts Without You. Plus, he is called Billy Ocean. The man has it all!

Let's enjoy.


  1. Yikes! This post should have come with a 'frightening visual' warning! Billy, Billy, Billy ... what HAVE you done?

  2. Yes, sorry, it is a bit freaky. It's his teeth that bother me. He looks like a shark.


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