Thursday, 18 August 2011

Luther Vandross

Back to the groove my friends. Luther Vandross. When I was an actual teenager rather than a virtual one, my friend Caroline loved Luther Vandross. And she was proper cool, she wore blue mascara and had long blonde hair and I used to think she was the most glamorous friend in Essex. That may not sound like a compliment but it is. Anyway, I used to go round and hang out in her bedroom playing with make-up and taling about Sweet Valley High and she would often play Luther Vandross.

I liked Caroline very much but I never got the Luther love until now. I think I just thought he was cheesy and too 'soul' for me. What did I know? As it turns out, he's kind of awesome and we can forgive the later years and duetting with Mariah Carey. Well, forget if not forgive.

Never Too Much, Give Me The Reason and I Really Didn't Mean It are all on the 80s Groove (1&2) and I see no shame in admitting that I like them. The man is smooooooth as silk. This video made me giggle - nice shell suit Luther.

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