Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Human League

I always feel I should be a bigger fan of The Human League than I am. Phil Oakley has such a unique voice and I do like them but I am heartily sick of Don't You Want Me, it has to be one of the most overplayed songs of all time. I was at a wedding yesterday where they had guest DJs for an hour at a time. This is a great idea and works well if your friends understand a wedding crowd. Wedding discos demand cheese and something kiddies and great aunts can bop along to. I can tell you right now what they don't demand, The Pixies. Yes, really, we had a hour of someone who was clearly a muso. Nothing makes me yawn more than a muso. The floor remained resolutely empty. Pixie fans don't tend to dance at weddings now do they? They sit on the edges nodding and stroking their beards.

Thankfully he eventually handed over to a lovely lady who understood that everyone actually did want to dance and in the middle of her set she played Love Action by The Human League. The crowd went wild. She also played Jackson by Johnny Cash which I consider a stroke of genius.

I have a clear favourite Human League song and it's this one, I love it. Funnily enough I wasn't asked to DJ but if I had been, this would have made an appearance.

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