Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Top Ten male film characters

I've done the women, it's time to look at the men. This list was a bit harder to make.  However, after much deep reflection, here we go.

We start where all good lists should start, with Rhett Butler. Of all the male characters written, none are sexier, cooler or downright dashing as Mr Butler from Charleston. He is swoonsome in the book with his clean hankerchief, his hidden devotion to Scarlett and his ability to find all the latest French fashion. Clark Gable does a fine job of bringing him to the screen and from the moment you see him gazing up the stairs at Scarlett at Twelve Oaks to his final devastating walk down the drive at the end, we are enthralled.

Billy Crystal has never been better than when he played Harry Burns. He starts the film as an obnoxious, sexist oaf and ends up running the streets of Manhattan so he can declare his love for Sally. Billy is no sex symbol but somehow, as Harry, he plays the romantic lead beautifully giving hope to all short, bearded men.

Does one go for Dexter or Mike in High Society? I've gone for Mike because he is played by Frank Sinatra and you would never turn down Frank. He is divine in this, making all the right decisions, serenading Samantha/Tracy, dancing with her, diving in the pool after her and carrying her home but taking it no further "as there are rules about such things". Oh, what a gentlemanly time it was back in the 50s!

Johnny Castle. It's hard to believe an explanation is required but here goes. It's Patrick Swayze, dancing. He wears a leather jacket. He gets into fights. He's a teenage dream.

Ferris Bueller may have been the cocksure lead but my heart will always lie with Cameron. The unsure best friend who lounges around in bed waiting for his friend to make the fun happen. The guy who frets about his father's car and then pushes it spectacularly into the trees. Cameron is wonderful.

Danny or Kenickie? It has to be Kenickie because Jeff made him sexy. Paired with Rizzo, they are one of the finest couples preserved on film.

Buddy Elf! He smiles because smiling is his favourite thing! He knows Santa! I can watch Elf again and again based on Will Ferrell's delivery of some of the funniest lines. 

Bill and Ted who I am counting as one, after all what is Bill without Ted? And vice versa. They play Battleships with Death, they sing Poison to God. Bill and Ted are my heroes.

Life of Brian is hilarious and much of this is due to all the Pythons but can you imagine anyone playing Brian as well as Chapman? He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!

Billy in St Elmo's Fire. No contest, Rob Lowe as Billy is the best thing in St Elmo's Fire, and yes, I include Demi Moore's wardrobe and all the dancing. The one and only Billy the Kid is my desert island choice of male film characters.

Tell me yours.


  1. Monty Python Life of Brian cracked me up when I first saw it. I was never allowed to see it when I was younger, considering my dad was kinda religious and he thought it was making fun of Christ. I did not see it until years later. But omg, that movie cracked me yup. I love Monty Python and the Holy Grail too.

  2. Interesting list! Here's my thoughts on the subject, yes I know you've been just *dying* forto hear them!
    1) I totally agree with Rhett (what a surprise!). HE absolutely oozes sex: "you haven't forgotten I'm not a marrying man?" and seriously makes you wonder at Scarlett's sanity. Why choose wimpy Ashley over divine Rhett?
    2) Mike from High Society would obviously make it onto my list too. As with you, Frank Sinatra plays a big part in that decision but even when he is played by Jimmy Stewart in The Philidelphia Story I prefer him to C Dexter Haven.
    3&4)I find it very hard to pick Keneckie over Danny but I'm not sure I could leave him off any top 10 so I think I would have the 2 of them on my list! After Danny has thoses hips!
    5) Rick Blaine from Casablanca. I adore Humphrey Bogart but he is certainly no eye candy yet when he plays Rick he becomes the most desirable man in Casablanca "we'll always have Paris", "here's looking at you kid".
    6) James Bond. I can't believe that Bond doesn't make your top 10. Even when played by a 'lesser' Bond (Lazenby) or by a good Bond in a bad movie (Die Another Day) he is still a great character and in the hands of a Connery or a Craig he fabulous.
    7) Indiana Jones. The hat. The whip. The leather jacket. A professor of archaeology who leaves the class room to practice what he preaches. Surely one of the greatest movie heroes of all time.
    8) Butch Cassidy & The Sandancve Kid. I am counting them as one. Yes they rob banks and blow up trains but it's BUTCH and SUNDANCE, do you really need to know more than that?
    9) Johnny Castle. For the same reasons you give.
    10) How can I be at 10 already? Oh the horror, I'm traumatised at the people I've had to leave off. Still, it's a top 10 so my last spot goes to Johnny Utah. The FBI are paying to surf. To catch bank robbers who dress up as ex Presidents. How can you not love him? Of course it helps that he's played by the swoonsome Keanu.

  3. Ahhh yes, Rick from Casablanca - excellent call.
    Yes to Bond, no to Indiana for me.
    Butch and Sundance - I am KICKING myself!
    Johnny Utah - I am BASHING MYSELF!


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