Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas is coming with Olivia and John!

I thought I'd pretty much exhausted Christmas songs last December however nothing could have prepared me for the joy that is this:

It's like they knew I needed a little reward and got together to make this fluff-fest. I like to buy a new Christmas album every year and this year I have struck gold. I snapped it up immediately. Not only do we have Olivia and John, we also have Barbra on one song! And Tony Bennett! And ummm, Cliff Richard*. Oh well. Seriously, I don't think I've actually ever been this excited.

Now, there is no way on earth I could ever not like this album. It's so made for me. I have to tell you though that it is pretty good in an exceptionally cheesy way. Olivia could always sing and well, I have such an affection for John. I don't care about rumours, the scientology, the weird lego hair. I don't care about any of it because he is Danny Zuko and he is lovely.

I wonder when they did this:

If they ever thought they'd end up like this:

* I can't stand Cliff Richard. I would tell you why but if you need an explanation then we can never be friends.


  1. It looks like a good album! We shall not speak of Cliff Richard. (Although, I do like the song Wired for Sound. Where does that leave us?)

  2. Duly purchased, listened too and totally LOVED

  3. Donna - I like the video for WFS as any right-minded person does. Disco, I KNOW!


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