Monday, 3 December 2012

Madonna - Desert island songs

I had the rarest of things this week, a request. I was asked to list my top eight Madonna songs. I thought I had done this but instead I had discussed Madonna more broadly by decade. Delighted to know I have at least one reader, I present to you my list.

Borderline. I love this song, it's Madonna at her purest. The video is sweet and I love the dancing. It also has a great introduction.

Into the Groove. This barely requires a discussion. One of my favourite ever films, perfect pop and Madonna when I really achingly wanted to be her. This is from the film.

La Isla Bonita. Madonna did the perfect holiday song before most people and she did it masterfully.

Express Yourself. I prefer this to Like A Prayer. Much as I love LAP, I feel it's overplayed and this is much more joyful.

Vogue. This is Madonna's legacy. If she'd done nothing else, it wouldn't have mattered. It's sublime and contender for best music video ever made. I could watch her dance in this all day long.

Deeper and Deeper. This is also wonderful. I love the Erotica album, it was fab.

Ray of Light. Another great album. This is so joyful.

Already I am at number eight. It has to be Hung Up from yet another great album. I also never tire of this and she looks amazing. The dancing in this is so inspiring and the Abba sample is genius.

I do think Madonna is a genius although she's best to leave the ballads alone. Tell me yours.


  1. OOOH totally with you on Borderline! That is my all time favourite Madonna song. Did you know John Leguizamo is in the video?

    Into The Groove - I have a friend who cannot tell the difference between the horrendous house-pianoified version from The Immaculate Collection and the wonderful original. She cannot hear anything different at all. Idiot!

    Papa Don't Preach
    Hung Up
    La Isla Bonita
    Til Death Do Us Part
    Like A Prayer

  2. I'm swapping La Isla Bonita for Crazy For You. It's been bothering me.


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