Monday, 30 July 2012

White Collar

I am quite proud as I discovered this show and introduced it to my sister. This is a very rare occurrence. Nobody seems to have heard of it but Google it and you realise that a lot of people watch it. It seems there is one very good reason to watch it. May I introduce you to Matt Bomer. Bomer. Not Boner. He is very handsome. He's actually a bit too handsome for my taste however he plays an irresistible character, Neal Caffrey, who is a con. He works as a consultant for the FBI partnering the man who tracked him down, Peter Burke. Peter is married to Valerie from 90210! That's the most exciting thing about this show. Tiffini is back! Neal's mate is Mozzie played by Carrie's GBF from Sex and the City. Willie Garson is a revelation in this, I never liked his character in SATC but he's fabulous in this and gets most of the best lines.

It took a while for me to really get into White Collar but round about the middle of season two it really hots up and gets interesting. It's a dream for those of us who enjoy watching a programme saying 'now what's she/he been in?' Every episode has someone familiar in it. Excitingly Andrew McCarthy is in a couple of episodes. Playing a baddie, he makes a very good baddie.

It's a clever show, set in Manhattan with fabulous views. Neal is smooth, charismatic and fun to watch and it is a bit like watching a television series of Ocean's Eleven with the set of Gossip Girl.  I've sold it to you, haven't I? Check it out.


  1. Personally, I loooooooooooooooooove Matt Bomer!!!! He's gorgeous, but the saddest thing ever: he's gay!!!!! He likes men!!! It makes me sad, sad to know a man gets to wake up next to that hunk every morning!!

    But back to a normal conversation, sorry, I go off into other worlds, lol. White Collar is a cool show!!! I love it!!!

  2. Jaggerfan ...... isn't it heartbreaking that he's gay? Coz that's what stopping he and I getting together!

    1. I just never knew he was gay. Makes me sad. It's always the cutest guys who are gay. But he's one heck of an actor. He's my favorite one on the show. Because he can be funny at times and serious at times. And yeah, I know. It's sad to know a man is getting all that hot, sexy blue eyed hotness of Matt Bomer!!


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