Monday, 2 July 2012

Boris Becker

Wimbledon fortnight is here and thoughts turn to crushes of the past and yes, dear readers, they did extend beyond the TV, film and music world. I'm not much of a sporting kinda gal but I do like a bit of tennis and I just loved Mr Becker.

Clearly this crush was not actually based on looks as such. I think I liked that he was young and unseeded when he won Wimbledon, what a perfect story that is. He was so sweet and polite. Over the years, I've always followed Boris's career with affection and was a bit upset over Boom Boom Boris in the cupboard. He is intelligent (most of the time) and really a bit like a bear and I've always liked bear-like men. I remember when he crashed out of Wimbledon in 1987 and said "nobody died, I just lost a tennis match." I do miss that sense of perspective because tennis now is such a bore. Honestly, nobody worth having a crush on, nobody with any personality and I want to slap Andy Murray, sulky pants that he is. Rafa has weird eyes.

Boris was watching the tennis last night and the camera honed in on him. Boris baby, what's up? He looked puffy and well, old. He is not old so I am concerned. I'd still offer a little TLC if he fancies coming down the road this week, I only live a few minutes away from Wimbledon. I hope my husband doesn't read this...

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