Saturday, 14 July 2012

Musical crushes

All this talk of crushes from the TV world got me thinking about musical crushes. I didn't think I had many but then I started making this list and thought again!

First up, My Guy favourite, David Essex.

Oh he was dreamy! Those blue eyes, the cheeky smile. He had a weird voice and some fairly bad songs but mmmm, he was rather nice at the time. Gonna Make You Smile is such a 70s classic, I just listened to it and swore I was back in the late 70s eating fish fingers.

Adam Ant

I've talked before about my love for Adam Ant. Perfect cheekbones.

Mark O'Toole from Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

The non-ugly, not-gay scouser. For those who are slow, second from the right. I loved Mark, I didn't even have to look up his name. Frankie were so great, I've not done a proper post about them yet. Soon.

George Michael

Look, I know. I know. But the thing is, at the time, I genuinely didn't know. And I thought he was lovely.


He's a pain in the arse now but there was a time when Bono was sexy. His voice just is sexy, no doubt about it. And look at that picture above and tell me you didn't have Bono love back in the day.

Jim Morrison

It's obligatory to have a crush on Jim Morrison. And so it came to pass.


I still have a soft spot for Slash. I saw him on Download last night jumping about on stage and thought, yes Slash, I still love you really. Deep down. Some crushes never die. Some dreams never fully leave the building.

Lenny Kravitz

This was more than a crush, this was a full on obsession. No matter that he's tiny. I still love Lenny. He's cool as school.

Jason Orange

The best one in Take That. And he pays his taxes. He's always been my favourite.


I leave you with the king. He had it all, talent, sex appeal and a beautiful face.

Tell me yours!


  1. Slash! OMG! He's my little white chocolate honey!!!!


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