Thursday, 29 August 2013

Favourite scenes in Friends - The One With Rachel's Other Sister

I've not done of these for a while but I saw this episode this week and laughed like a drain. This is one of my all-time favourite Friends episodes, every character is written perfectly and Christina Applegate is wonderful.

Let's assess:

Joey: the sub-plot about Joey forgetting to show up to the Days of our Lives Thanksgiving parade and Phoebe teaching him how to lie still makes me laugh. Racoons! When Phoebe says to him "No! No racoons!" I always giggle. Also, when Rachel and Amy fight and Monica says "somebody do something!" Joey replies "Stop them? Throw some jello on them!"

Rachel: the inner-bitchiness of Rachel is one of my favourite things about her. When Amy says Jill (their sister) gained 15 pounds, Rachel simply asks, "face or ass?" I love that.

Monica: Monica and her fancy plates. Bless her. When she tells them all to eat their food without using the plates and then a scene or two later insists she is fun, Phoebe's response about how she's all about the fun while trying to eat her meal without a plate is hilarious.

Chandler: this isn't so much Chandler's episode but he does get to call Monica Crazy Plate Lady.

Phoebe: Phoebe gets some great lines in this but it's all about the racoons.

Ross: Not normally one I guffaw at but he's good here. Rachel: "I would like to invite Amy to Thanksgiving." Ross: "It'll be like the pilgrims bringing the Indians syphilis." I just googled how to spell syphilis and it was on the images page. I am going to have nightmares.

Anyway, the entire discussion about who gets Emma if Rachel and Ross die is brilliant. Joey: "Who has to die for me to get her?" Amy not realising she's met them before is also hysterical. Her insistence to Monica: "No, she was this really fat girl who followed Rachel around!"

I don't think there is a dud moment in the entire episode. Even Jennifer Aniston's hair looks beyond great in this. I still miss Friends and I think I always will.

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