Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dire Straits

Like any self-respecting 80s teenager, I went through my Dire Straits phase. Did you know Brothers in Arms is the seventh best selling UK album of all time? I bought it. Twice actually as I had on tape and then bought the CD.

I still like a few of the songs on it. Money For Nothing is a great song and I won't hear anything against it. A fabulous opening and Sting yodelling away, what more could you want? Brothers in Arms is a perfectly lovely song but I remember being irritated that they'd copied Aha with their video. Also, The West Wing played this for too long in an otherwise flawless episode from season 2. Your Latest Trick was Susan Tully's (Michelle from Eastenders if you are a bit slow) favourite song. I remember reading that in Smash Hits and thinking she had taste!


However, my favourite song on the album was (and is) Walk of Life. I just love this. I don't know why but it makes me happy.

My searching to bring you this well-researched blog post tells me it's Mark Knopfler's birthday today. What a coincidence. He is 64 today, happy birthday Mark. I wonder if he still wears those headbands. Of course Dire Straits were about more than just one album but I am not going to linger over Romeo and Juliet or Sultans of Swing. For me, they were pretty much all about one album. And I am off to dig out my CD. I'll leave you with Susan's favourite.

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