Monday, 19 August 2013

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood did not form part of my childhood, I have no recollection of watching any films in which he featured. If you ask me to name a Clint film, I'd say Dirty Harry but I've never seen it. However, Netflix is changing all this. In the last few days I've watched In The Line Of Fire and Escape from Alcatraz and something of a crush is forming. Yes, 45 years after the rest of the world, I am seeing Clint Eastwood for what he is; a hunk!

Also, he is a very good actor. Escape from Alcatraz is well worth a watch if you've not seen it. My main amusement point is that it features Mr Heckles from Friends! Yes, the crazy downstairs neighbour is Clint's next door jail mate. This threw for me for at least 45 minutes of the film as he looks exactly the same. What struck me watching it is how films didn't used to feel the need to either have action or dialogue every single second. Much of Escape from Alcatraz features scenes in which Clint is digging, escaping (in real time so fairly slowly) or just musing. It was also filmed on Alcatraz so it's a bit spooky. It's genuinely a good film, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In The Line Of Fire. Well! How have I never seen this? A film about secret security that I had missed. Rene Russo, John Malkovich, our friend Clint and Frasier's father. It's a dream cast! It's 20 years old and Clint was 63 when he made it but I have to say he's hot. The scene where he kisses Rene had me thinking yes, I totally would. There's something very manly about him. He's a sexist pig in this film but nonetheless, yes.

So now I am going to leave you with various Clint pictures, remind you he is 83 (he's looking good) and ask you to recommend me some more Clint films as I am on a mission.


  1. Ok, you asked so here goes!
    Ignore the Westerns (including Unforgiven which I hate. I know, I know ..... I'm in the minority.)
    Instead for earlier Clint watch Play Misty For Me, Thunderbolt & Lightfoot, and for later Clint: Absolute Power. That should keep you going for a while!

  2. Ooh yes, Absolute Power! And I must watch the other two as well. Thank you. That won't keep me going for long though since I'm watching a film every night!

  3. Every Which Way You Can and Every Which Way But Loose are silly but good fun


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