Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Matrix

January has been about watching old favourite movies. I've watched Dances with Wolves, Last of the Mohicans (I still swoon over Daniel, I don't think this film ever gets old) and The Matrix. I've not seen The Matrix for a while and I am pleased to report that it's remains great fun. However, I hadn't appreciated in 1999 (I know, I know) how silly it is. The ponderous philosophical meanderings of Morpheus and the way he just decides to pull off all the wires and jump to the helicopter (after being near death or so it seems) seemed rather ridiculous to me. It never occurred to me to find this silly at the time which is worrying. Maybe this film was always silly and not a realistic alternate universe?

When I saw this at the cinema, I remember thinking 'whoa, what if we are all really plugged into a matrix?' Just like when I saw The Truman Show I thought 'whoa, what if I am on a reality show?' I dismissed that one fairly quickly as my life is way to dull for anyone to be interested in watching it. Unless me sitting on the sofa watching Coronation St is compelling viewing. But I really did think the matrix proposal was possible. I particularly liked the explanation for deja-vu.

Now I know I am not in the matrix and Keanu isn't going to save me. Boo! I love Carrie-Ann Moss in this, she is super-hot and very cool. Whatever happened to her? I also love the fact there are at least two members of the Home & Away cast in it because they made it in Sydney.

Having had the misfortune of watching two hours of The Dark Knight Rises recently (I didn't make it to the end, two hours in and I was still nowhere near the end of the godforsaken film), I am not going to criticise The Matrix. At least it's entertaining, stuff happens and it moves at a quick pace. Plus it has Keanu. We could all do a lot worse. And for those of you who watched The Dark Knight Rises, you have done a lot worse. Sorry about that. Don't tell me you liked it, I'm not interested. It was total rubbish and absolutely dull.

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