Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hannah and Her Sisters

You can tell it is January, I've not been out for ages. I am hibernating with hot water bottles and old movies. Let me start by saying I love Woody Allen movies. Even the bad ones. And Hannah and Her Sisters is one of his best.

This is 80s-tastic. The hair, the hair. Everyone has bad hair and the women have perms from hell. Except Carrie Fisher who manages to escape relatively unscathed. Yes, it has Carrie in it. What reason could there be to not love it? This is a fun Woody film and rewatching it at the weekend reminded me how much When Harry Met Sally owes to it. The Manhattan scenes, the standard songs, the neurotic male who is obsessed with death. I've always loved this film because everyone in it is just so good. Did you know it has Mia Farrow's kids in it? Including the one that went on to pair up with Woody? Really icky when you realise he was directing her as a child.

Anyway, the lines. My favourite is: "How the hell do I know why there were Nazis, I don't even know how the can opener works!" There are dozens more, it's really hilarious. If you've not seen it, ummm why not? And please do.

Now then, I am going to say it here. I don't like Michael Caine. He's just so Michael Caine in every film he makes and he's horrible in this, I mean the character is horrible. Not his fault I know but also, check out his hair. No. No to Michael. Apart from that, this is wonderful.

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