Saturday, 12 January 2013

Our Tune

Who could ever forget Our Tune? Did you know it's still going? Maybe not on Radio 1 at 11am but nonetheless, Simon Bates is still doing Our Tune! It's on Smooth radio apparently. I would say, let's tune in but really, Our Tune was terrible.

For starters there was the Rome & Juliet theme tune which I've just listened to for the first time in about 20 years and I am transported back to the 80s. Our Tune was so mawkish. People would write in with their stories of lost love and Simon would squeeze every last cliche out of them. The song was almost always Looks Like We Made it by Barry Manilow which is no bad thing of course.

While doing two minutes of research for this post, I discovered there is an album - the Best of Our Tune! It has 40 songs on it and not one is the mighty Manilow. Yet they found room for Boris Gardener. Truly, there is no justice.

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