Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dances with Wolves

When this film came out in 1990, yes 23 years ago, I loved it. I went to see it twice at the cinema, bought the soundtrack and basically wanted to be a Sioux. I've not seen it for years but it was on TV so I recorded it and watched it again. Despite what you may think of Kevin Costner, this is an amazing achievement. I watched it with TeenBoy who had never seen it before.

It is long. Really long. But it doesn't feel long at three hours. Yet again, I was drawn into it all. Two Socks the wolf! Stands With A Fist! Wind In His Hair! Kicking Bird! Smiles A Lot!A big debate was had about our Sioux names, no strong conclusion was made on mine but TeenBoy is Tickles Fish. The scenery is spectacular and the buffalo scene is still impressive. All was going well until TeenBoy said, Kevin Costner now looks like he should be in Bon Jovi.

Ruined. Ruined I tell you! I couldn't stop laughing and it's true, he does morph into Bon Jovi in an alarming fashion. This is a brilliant film and now I want to watch Last of the Mohicans where I have absolutely no complaints about Daniel Day Lewis's resemblance to a hair band member at all.

It's a very sad film and although it's roughly drawn with cliches - Sioux are all good and noble people, white men are evil - it's done in a way that you don't really care. And we have enough westerns with the white men being heroes anyway.

I still want to be a Sioux as it turns out, and live in a teepee and sit around a campfire. I wouldn't be so hot on the fighting and lack of running hot water though so just as well.

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